Reiwa Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has been working as a career supporter for study and work in Japan since 2019AD. Reiwa Nepal is promoted by a team of Researchers, Planners, and Professionals with years of national and international experience and managed by a highly experienced management team. We are the first institute to start online medium Japanese language classes in Nepal. Also we conduct various live classes. If you are searching for quality Japanese Language institution in the town, we facilitate you here in Reiwa Nepal.

Presently we have more than 800 students studying Japanese Language and various skill courses. About 300 students have already passed all exams required for SSW visa, they are in process of Interview of a company. We generate eligible candidates for working in Japan.

At present, We are providing quality education in Japanese Language courses starting from basic level(N5 LEVEL)  to advanced level(N3 LEVEL) including various skill  courses: Nursing Care giver, Agriculture (Crops& Livestock) and Food Service. Reiwa Nepal is determined to play a vital role in bridging the gap between the Nepal and Japan long-term relationship.

What is different in Reiwa Nepal?

We have online Japanese language learning service. You can learn Japanese language anytime and anywhere by using this. This service will support to learn Japanese language easily. Reiwa Nepal has established Japanese Native and designed special curriculum with the latest and the most effective teaching methods. Our teachers are fully qualified, trained, and certified. During the course, progress reports as well as other useful information such as attendance will be submitted to the concerned person or organization on a regular basis.